Your perseverance will be the fuel to take you to the next level.

In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, my dear friend and CEO of BombBomb, Conor McCluskey opened up about his life mission, the driving force behind his company and the changes he needed to adapt due to COVID-19.

Conor talks about the importance of having a mentor and being guided to discover his life’s mission and how that ultimately helped him grow BombBomb so he can make a positive impact in the world. 

We also went deep on what marketing strategies, tactics and drivers of growth have worked for BombBomb and the importance of identifying what problem is your business working to solve. 

In times like this, it’s important to have clarity of those drivers of growth in every aspect of your life. In this episode. Conor also opens up about finding new ways to help our community and proving their services to make teachers’ lives easier. 

Listen to today’s episode to find a clear path on your business or life goal!

In this episode we talk about…

3:00 – Conor McCluskey shares how his perseverance and relationships have fueled him to make an impact in the world

 6:56 – Conor shares how his mentor sat him down, walked him through his life’s mission and the turning point in his life

 12:07 – Listen to how Conor started BombBomb and how it fueled him to make a difference

 14:38 – Discover how BombBomb was created by making communication more accessible and faster

 20:10 – Conor shares how BombBomb grew and how he had to manually input video encoding before sending the email videos

 32:30 – Listen to the strategies and tactics Conor that have worked for BombBomb

 40:50 – Find out about Conor’s learning curve from BombBomb’s referral campaigns and digital ads 

 46:27 – Conor shares BombBomb’s biggest drivers of growth 

 47:07 – Discover how BombBomb has been helping teachers to connect with their students

 55:39 – Conor shares how they quickly adapted to working remotely and the positive results from it

 1:04:57  – “BombBomb was created for a time like this”



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