Becoming an entrepreneur is no easy journey, but with passion, hard work, and dedication, you can surely achieve a successful startup!

The founder and CEO of Holy Matcha, Geraldine Ridaura Schumacher joins me on today’s episode of The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience to talk about the highs and lows about entrepreneurship, her passion for matcha, and building a strong community through her business. 

This episode is filled with raw truth of facing the challenges that come along the entrepreneur’s journey, and Geraldine shares how she was able to overcome them headfirst with perseverance. 

As the Queen of Matcha, Geraldine launched the first matcha cafe in San Diego and she opens up about coming out of her shell to connect with her customers and community. 

With three years under her belt, Geraldine also talks about the ugliness of managing a business, having a clear marketing strategy, and the importance of creating a great customer experience. 

Whether you’re in the food industry, real estate, or any service-based business, I think you’ll relate to Geraldine’s pain points and objectives. You want to connect with your customers, create trust, and be their number one and only option! 

If you’ve been looking for ways to build your brand, uplift your community, and important pillars to optimize your business, listen to this episode to learn more about Geraldine and how she’s making matcha moves with her business!

In this episode we talk about…

1:15 – Geraldine Ridaura Schumacher shares how her annoyance of not being able to buy matcha inspired her to open Holy Matcha 

4:35 – What is matcha? Listen to the Queen of Matcha explain the origin of this healthy drink!

6:02 – Discover how Geraldine created Holy Matcha and shares how she worked to figure out the entrepreneurship journey 

8:00 – Geraldine opens up about the challenges she faced and how she overcame them 

12:54 – Find out how Geraldine created a connection with her matcha brewer to start her business

16:00 – Listen to the importance of getting out of your shell and adapting your “Alter Ego”

17:27 – Holy Matcha’s Opening Day was a success! Geraldine shares how she was freaking out the night before

20:17 – Geraldine talks about her biggest business mistake during her first year and how she’s evolved to get out of her shell

25:48 – Marketing is key to creating an experience to the customer and growing your business

28:59 – Geraldine doesn’t give into excuses and she talks about how she figures it out and does the work

31:30 – Opening up Holy Matcha’s second location was a different experience of learning new lessons and negotiations 

34:40 – Geraldine opens up about the challenges she has faced during her third year of business and how she has handled it as a businesswoman 

37:36 – Discover the power of community and how Matcha Mornings is pivotal to empowering women to start their own business 

43:47 – Geraldine shares how she has learned to adapt with her business and set boundaries 

46:06 – “I’m only famous in my head” 

47:29 – Geraldine shares her superpower, her upcoming plans for Holy Matcha, and guiding aspiring entrepreneurs at UCSD

51:42 – Follow Holy Matcha and email Geraldine for any entrepreneur questions!


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