Are you ready to finish this year and enter the new year with purpose?

On today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I share three important habits I do during the holidays to keep me focused and start my new year with intention. 

It’s always important to take some time to acknowledge what you experienced in the past year. These habits will guide you to focus on meaningful and impactful decisions and experiences that need your attention or you’ve lived through. 

These three year-end exercises are not only for your own benefit, but also to improve your friendships, family relations and your surroundings

Start the new year with focused action and feeling great. What better way to accomplish this feeling than with closing any loops that are open in your life or completing a project that has been pushed to the side?

It’s never too late to begin or remedy something that has been broken.

I hope you find the motivation to close any loops and start the new year with purpose and drive!

P.S. Speaking of helping you begin the new year with purpose, have you texted me on my new number yet? Send me a text, a photo, a video or whatever you want – and we’ll chat! 949-216-5466

In this episode we talk about…

0:49 – Do you want to start the new year with a clean slate? Listen to find out how

1:39 – Tom shares how being away from the office created tension in his decision-making

3:03 – What are the open loops that need to be closed?

3:46 – Tom guides you through his process of finishing anything that is incomplete in your life

4:42 – What are your incomplete projects that you haven’t started?

8:28 – Discover the 31 decisions Tom needs to make before the year ends

10:12 – Can’t make a decision? Tom shares a helpful end of year habit

12:20 – What are the unintended consequences for not making a decision?

13:44 – Carve out time to make your decisions 

15:00 – Tom gives you the second habit of the year for you to identify magical memory that happened in 2019

21:37 – Habit three will help you control your house, control your money, control your weight. 


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