Have you ever wondered about how my marketing team does it all?

On today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, we continue revealing golden nuggets from my marketing team so you can follow our proven strategies to reach your own success

For this episode, our Podcast Producer, Brenda Hernández Jaimes chats with our Social Media Specialist & Strategist, Courtney Gracia to provide an insight to what we do at Tom Ferry and talk about the new updates that every social platform are going to roll out for the new year

They also debunk some social media myths and Courtney provides helpful tips and tricks to help you stand out from the vast sea of agents in the market!

Courtney gives advice on how to take advantage of your metrics, using IGTV and Insta Stories to your advantage while creating trust with your followers and leads. 

She reveals how you can look into your competitor’s metrics – so if you’re working your way to take the number one spot in your marketing, then listen up!

In this episode we talk about…

2:22 – Are Instagram’s new features going to affect your online lead reach? Listen to find out!

3:30 – Courtney Gracia shares the content she posts on Tom Ferry’s social media platforms 

5:35 – Are you posting consistently? Courtney shares tips and platforms on how to schedule your social media content

7:11 – Get ahead of your competition by using this helpful social media scheduling software 

10:01 – Courtney reveals what type of content does well on social media

12:57 – Learn the power behind the #hashtag 

16:22 – Know the benefits of using Instagram Stories

17:40 – How are you using hashtags? Courtney shares hashtag tips to boost your content

20:20 – Take advantage of your content by using Have 2 Have It!

22:45 – Is is possible for you to organically grow your social media presence? 

25:43 – Don’t stop posting because the holidays are here!

29:06 – Courtney shares golden Facebook tips for you to stand out from the competition 

31:03 – Do you have a Facebook group and are you using it to your advantage?

32:54 – Listen to how you need to post different content and copy

36:44 – Courtney talks about how you can use Twitter to benefit your business

38:40 – Should you be on every single social media platform? Find out!

41:01 – Discover the new Twitter updates you need to know

44:06 – You should start being more active on LinkedIn

45:49 – Courtney explains why you should post articles on LinkedIn

50:05 – Are you making this common social media mistake?


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