Creating content that informs, connects and educates your clients is vital to boost your profile as the knowledgeable agent of your market. 

One form of content that is quickly rising and accomplishing these goals is podcasting. 

In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I talk with Rockstar agent, Byron Lazine, who is also a podcaster and host of The Real Word and the Byron Lazine Podcast. 

Byron and I go deep about creating a podcast, from what type of topics to cover, how to select guests and finding your niche. 

We even talk about all the doors that have opened for Byron from producing his podcasts and how it can you help you get more referrals! 

If the microphone has been holding you back from creating your own podcast, push that fear aside because we give you so many golden nuggets on why and how to do your own podcast that you’ll be emboldened to make your own after you listen to this episode! 

In this episode we talk about…

1:34 – Byron Lazine shares how he got his “Ivy League education” in real estate 

3:40 – Listen to how Byron worked hard to prove everyone wrong 

5:39 – Do you want to build a team? Find out how Byron has grown his successful team

7:33 – Discover how podcasting has brought Byron golden referrals 

11:57 – Byron shares the story behind the rackets of The Real Word

13:45 – Interested in relevant real estate information? Byron talks about how he plans The Real Word

15:43 – Byron talks about all the accomplishments of his co-host, Nicole White 

18:24 – We deep dive on the real estate news content that Byron and Nicole cover at The Real Word

20:30 – Want to know how to produce a podcast? Listen to find out!

22:00 – You don’t need a whole team to produce a podcast

22:34 – Brenda Hernández Jaimes shares how you can start your own podcast 

24:40 – Byron shares a hack on how to record a live show on radio

25:37 – “Be thoughtful of who you want to attract to be your customer”

28:50 – Byron reveals how being the first to interview a guest can open the doors for your podcast

30:05 – Don’t know how to filter out your guests? Byron shares how he selects guests

31:39 – Do you want to distribute your podcast? Find out how!

33:03 – Are you using email to promote your podcast?

34:36 – Find out how creating partnership content through podcast can help you!

38:25 – Learn what mistakes you NEED to avoid when doing a podcast

41:53 – Are you investing in yourself?


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