Many agents crash and burn when they’re starting out in online marketing. The BIG reason behind these bumps on the road? Many don’t really know who they are and what services they’re trying to sell. This mistake can cost you leads and ultimately, money.

Embarking on your marketing journey doesn’t have to be scary. Discover how you can improve on your marketing by listening to this interview with Jason Pantana, our resident marketing guru and host of Marketing Edge.

Jason shares some very insightful recommendations on how you can fill your pipeline and cultivate your sphere into loyal, referral-happy customers. He also gives helpful tactics in order to improve on your marketing strategy and how it’s vital to know your audience in order for it to work.

We also explain why it’s important to have the right mindset before you start on your marketing strategy. To finish off and get you started on your new strategy, Jason provides fascinating case studies of various real estate agents that are making it in their own areas of expertise.

For those agents that want to take their business to the next level by improving on their online marketing, then get ready to roll up your sleeves and start cultivating your leads!


In this episode we talk about…

1:20 – Jason Pantana and I discuss the objective of marketing in business

1:57 – What Jason Pantana teaches in Marketing Edge

2:12 – Branding your business

2:30 – Generating leads for your business

2:52 – Building a brand development strategy

5:21 – Avoid these common lead generation mistakes

7:38 – Business owners owning their operations, marketing and sales departments

8:54 – Do you have the right mindset for marketing success?

10:04 – How to take ownership of your marketing strategy

11:04 – The marketing books to read to help you improve on your marketing strategy

14:23 – Learning the vital mechanics and framework of marketing

15:47 – Customer journey mapping and its 3 funnels

20:04 – You have to create trust in order to generate leads

21:10 – Your business will succeed only if you nurture your leads

23:50 – Score your leads by using the right framework

27:58 – Knowing your audience will help excel your marketing strategy

30:10 – Jason shares case studies that appeals to your audiences



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