All legends have an inspiring story to share that everyone can use to learn and adapt into your own life

On today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, Gabrielle Reece shares her legendary journey of being a Beach Volleyball champion to her modeling career and being an entrepreneur with her various businesses, including her latest venture, XPT, a high-performance lifestyle training program.

In this in-depth interview, we cover the lessons learned during her shining career and the obstacles she has faced while forging her path in women-dominated industries. 

Gabby’s tips include how to overcome being stuck in the past and focusing on the important things so you can contribute your talent and work for your community. 

As an entrepreneur, you can definitely learn a thing or two from Gabby’s advice on the many ways to continue doing the work and succeed in your business and life

Gabby likes to use the phrase, “polishing your stone” and we go deep into how to improve your skills and taking action… so you can create new habits and practices that will make you uncomfortable and help you reach the next level of your life. 

This episode contains everything from tips on stacking your tasks so you can manage your life and business to not permitting distractions from pulling you out from doing the work

We cover all this and so much more! So take some time to really go all in on this episode so you can apply one or three golden nuggets!

In this episode we talk about…

3:04 – Gabrielle Reece shares about her early childhood and starting her volleyball career

5:44 – Find out how Gabby was able to do different activities and develop skill sets 

8:00 – Are you paralyzed by your past? Gabby shares how her drive to survive overrode that immobilization

11:30 – It’s okay to tell your loved ones that you feel anxious and that you doubt yourself

14:04 – Gabby talks about facing obstacles, but also working in fields that are dominated by women

16:03 – If you want to avoid any rifts in the future of your business, then listen to Gabby’s insightful advice!

17:51 – “Losing is part of the winning.”

19:23 – Gabby shares how she amplifies different parts of  her personality to excel during her training 

24:55 – Discover how Gabby has maintained her brand while being true to herself

26:21 – If you want a great company culture, then you need the right internal culture

29:04 – Gabby reveals how she manages her time, work and life

36:31 – Listen up! Gabby shares vital advice on couples who are also a team and being clear on roles to make it work for everyone 

40:15 – Gabby shares about how having the right connections will get the work done 

42:48 – Find out how playing volleyball has helped Gabby with working in her business 

44:38 – Gabby talks about how she and her husband, former professional surfer Laird Hamilton, work together and how they’re clear in their roles both in marriage and partnership


Gabby Reece



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