5 Questions To Help You Create Powerful Video Testimonials – #TomFerryShow

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Testimonials are golden, right?

Especially in today’s economy where people buy based on positive reviews from other satisfied customers (think Angie’s List, Yelp and Amazon).

Reviews can drive your sales, too.

In fact, a good video testimonial can do the selling for you!

Expert in the House

I invited my friend and marketing expert Ken Kerry to share with us the secret to getting great reviews and sharing them online.

Ken has spent the last 30 years creating infomercials.

If you’ve ever watched one, you know it’s all about getting insanely great testimonials.

But testimonials alone aren’t enough in today’s market.

You need to distribute them where people can see them.

And that means you need to publish them online.

Videos are taking over the internet.

Google predicts that in just two years over 85% of the content we consume will be videos.

And the smart agents are the ones who are paying attention.

They’re creating videos they can use on Facebook, Google and in social media.

They know that if the eyeballs are there, they should be there too.

All you need are some happy clients and your smartphone.


Generating Powerful Testimonials

So, how do you generate powerful testimonials?

You ask the right questions.

Ken recommends asking past clients these five questions:

1. What fears did you have about buying or selling your home today?

This is a really important question for clients to answer.

You want clients talking about the pain points that bother them because those same issues will bother prospects just like them.

In effect, you’re getting past clients to talk to future clients about how you solved their problem.

2. What process did you use to select me to represent you?

You want to understand the process your past clients used when they decided to hire you.

If a lot of people are using the same process… hello!

That’s where you need to be.

3. What did I do differently from other agents you’ve worked with?

If you hear the same answer over and over again, that is your unique selling proposition or USP.

This is where you find your measurable degree of separation from the rest of your competition.

4. How did I handle the process for you?

Prospects are looking for an agent they can trust.

This is one of the biggest investments they’ll make in their lifetime and they need to trust the person handling the transaction.

5. What would you say in recommending me to a friend?

Ask the client to describe how they would talk about you to a friend.

Make the question open-ended. We want them to answer in their own words and not in realtor-speak.

“Ask these five questions,” says Ken, “and just listen intently because good sales is listening.

They will tell you – over and over again – why they would recommend you.”

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Marketing Your Testimonials

While it’s great to have your testimonials on paper, you have to go where the eyeballs are and today, that means video.

Here’s a 4-step plan:

1. Decide what kind of customer you want to attract.

Do you want buyers? Sellers?

Find 3-5 past clients who represent the kind of customer you want and ask them for a testimonial.

For example, ask your past “For Sale by Owner” client to do a FSBO-related testimonial.

2. Record the testimonial on video.

Capture the testimonial on video.

Use your smartphone (remember to record horizontally), video chat (Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, etc.) or any HD camera available to you.

3. Ask all 5 questions.

Let your clients talk and talk.

Just get the information now and worry about editing later.

4. Incorporate video clips into your marketing campaign.

Take small segments of your recorded videos and build your marketing campaigns around them.

You could use them on Instagram and Facebook, pepper them over your website and include them in your follow-up campaigns.

The beauty of video testimonials is that you can speak directly to your client’s pain points, and have your past clients do the selling for you!

All you have to do is ask the right questions and record the answers!


Lights, Camera, Action!

Remember, 85% of Internet content will be videos in just two short years – probably sooner!

You need to be where the prospects are, so think about what clients you could ask for a video testimonial.

And consider adding videos to your marketing plan.

Check out this May 2017 video with rockstar realtor, Amber Anderson.

Amber did $40 million in business last year and videos were a big reason why.

Like Amber discovered — you oughta be in pictures.

It’s really, really good for business!



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