How would you like a KCM housing market forecast that clearly shows where we are, where we’re headed, what it means, and how to communicate it to your audience? 

In this episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, you’ll get all that and more. I talk with David Childers of Keeping Current Matters about the conversations you must be having with buyers and sellers to control the narrative, right now.

We’ll cover mortgage rates, inventory, and the most important factors affecting real estate today, and break down a housing market forecast that will put everything in perspective. 

This is not an episode to miss. Watch it now and become the knowledge broker that consumers need today. 

In this episode, we discuss…

5:30 – Accumulating and engaging buyers

10:30 – Conversations for buyers

14:00 – The difference between now and 2008

18:30 – Guiding sellers

25:05 – Mortgage rate conversations 

28:00 – Housing market forecast

34:40 – The Listings Challenge

41:20 – Incredible stats