Allow me to introduce to you to Bond Collective

Any time that teams merge for the right reasons and under the right conditions, the result is usually a stronger team. But what about when agents like James Harris and David Parnes of “Million Dollar Listing” fame join up with “Buying Beverly Hills” stars Jon & Lauren Grauman and Adam Rosenfeld? That’s when you get a one-of-a-kind supergroup like Bond Collective.

In this episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I talked with the members of Bond Collective to figure out the motivation behind why they decided to merge teams, the strategy behind it, and how they’ve structured their new partnership. Then you’re not going to want to miss when each of these superstars shares their top advice for agents working in today’s market.

This killer episode is a rare glimpse into the workings of one of the most powerful supergroups in the game, so be sure to watch or listen, right here!

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – Meet Bond Collective

3:33 – Where this merger came from

10:32 – Early challenges and decisions

17:24 – Not so obvious questions

23:55 – Advice for growth, identity, and brand

32:43 – Market knowledge

37:23 – Success in this market

45:45 – Software and playbooks

49:36 – Goals for 2023

53:52 – Q&A

1:06:20 – Closing thoughts