In this episode of the podcast, let’s talk about everything that’s going to work to bring you more real estate opportunities in 2023. Patrick Ferry, a knockout coach and dearest brother of mine, says that 2023 is going to be a year where you’ll have to DOUBLE the number of opportunities that come your way just to make the same about of money.

And we don’t want to just make the same amount of money next year, right? That’s why Patrick and I are breaking down all the special marketing, conversion, and lead nurturing strategies that we’ve seen working so that you can far exceed your income from last year. We’re going in-depth with scripts, ways to track and measure your progress, and where you need to be looking for serious real estate opportunities.

If you are a real estate agent who likes to make money and grow your business, this is an episode you need to take notes on.


In this episode, we discuss…

0:50 – There’s always a market

1:26 – Why you need to double opportunities

4:42 – Three primary goals

10:32 – Up-and-visual goals

12:20 – From CMA to “purchase anniversary”

18:20 – A math equation for results

21:29 – Three questions for prospecting

23:15 – The 6 Ds that drive the market

26:55 – Capitalize on compromise

29:18 – Long-term relationship strategy

33:15 – The “Permission Script”

37:45 – Geographic farming

39:52 – Being the dominant agent

43:40 – The “I love this community” blog

45:12 – David Caldwell’s YouTube strategy

48:38 – Looking into the future