Getting a mortgage has never been a fun experience. But with interest rates currently where they are, dealing with a mortgage company isn’t something a home buyer will likely be looking forward to. This is exactly why the market needed a company like TOMO.

On this episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I talked with the geniuses behind TOMO, Carey Armstrong and Greg Schwartz. Both Carey and Greg started their careers at Zillow, creating innovations in real estate before branching out to fill a void in the market that consumers needed – a better way to get a mortgage.

If you’re interested in how to effectively start and run a business with a partner, innovate an industry in need, or want to know what qualified buyers are thinking, this is an episode for you. Watch it here.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – Innovation at Zillow

3:43 – Do we need another mortgage company?

7:00 – Advice for prioritization

9:34 – Carey and Greg as a team

13:00 – Testing Product/Market Fit

16:17 – TOMO’s proudest innovations

18:36 – TOMO’s ultimate vision

21:12 – Threat of big banks

22:50 – What’s really on the minds of consumers

25:50 – Interest rates and inflation

27:42 – Insights for the real estate industry

31:10 – Where TOMO serves