What does company culture actually mean, why do you need it, and how do you create it? Whether you’re making your first hires, running a small SEAL team, or managing a mega organization, company culture may be the single most important aspect of a healthy business.

To get to the bottom of what creates a winning culture, I turned to award-winning Human Resources advisor and CEO of Gameday HR, Katrina Ghazarian. Katrina and I sat down to discuss everything from compliance to acquisition and retention, developing your value system, and just about everything else it takes to build a great workplace.

If you’re interested in not just growing your business (no matter what business you’re in!) but doing it in a way that’s best for everyone in the long-run, this is a “must-watch” episode.

And after you watch, you’re going want to learn more at gamedayhr.com

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – The faces of HR

3:41 – C.A.R.E.D.

6:30 – Compliance & Acquisition

11:42 – Interviewing mistakes

14:52 – Defining Values

16:58 – CEOs shouldn’t recruit

18:48 – Retention

23:50 – Managing change

27:30 – OKRs

30:40 – Managing humanity

35:24 – Development

37:53 – Get Katrina’s help


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