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Creating Leaders through Culture, Collaboration, and Support

We can never anticipate what’s going to come up in our lives. But if we have the foresight to nurture our team culture, collaboration, and support, we can create a team of leaders who will stand by us through our hardest times.

Brandi Laffins always strove to make the top transactions for her team, but when unforeseen circumstances came her way, the supportive culture she’d fostered allowed her to step back and focus on what really mattered.

I spoke with Brandi about what it takes to lift up new agents and turn every team member into a team leader. You’ll also get some awesome advice on doing television ads and marketing campaigns. Definitely make sure to check this one out!


Brandi’s husband RJ is an awesome DJ, and I highly recommend you check out his stuff, here. I’ve been jamming it all morning!

In this episode, we discuss…

1:21 – Team members into leaders

3:25 – Culture, collaboration, support

5:36 – Strategic marketing

7:23 – Money management

9:05 – TV ad impact

10:25 – A contest that works

12:42 – Educating Your sellers

15:55 – Helping new agents

17:20 – It’s a new market

18:52 – The hardest part

21:18 – Reach out to Brandi and Kelsey