Making money and growing your professional success are important, but they’re not a surefire way to achieve happiness. Happiness and success both come from the same place – a healthy brain. Our brain health is the foundation of everything we do, because when you love on your brain, you’ll love your life.

Dr. Daniel Amen is one of the leading psychiatrists in the country and author of over 40 books (yeah, you read that correctly). I sat down with Dr. Amen to discuss his new book, “You, Happier” and all things you should be doing to feel and perform your best in life and business.

You can’t afford to miss this message, so make sure you watch or listen a few times.

In this episode, we discuss…

1:14 – Getting older

4:24 – Why Daniel wrote “You, Happier”

6:14 – Sugar is the enemy of happiness

11:31 – Secret 1: Happiness is brain function

19:53 – 11 major factors of Alzheimer’s

28:44 – The gateway thought to hell

32:30 – Genetics

38:33 – Secret 2: Find your brain type

41:50 – Secret 3: Supplements

45:06 – Secret 4: Food

48:50 – Secret 5: Kill the ants

52:45 – Give your mind a name

56:25 – Secrets 6 & 7

58:11 – Rapid fire questions

1:13:55 – Get a copy of “You, Happier”