You’ve heard me talk a lot about “Know, Like, and Trust.” And yet, too many agents spend too much time developing trust only to throw it away once the transaction is over. But when you maintain and nurture that trust beyond the closing table, you get something even more valuable – loyalty.

This week, I’m going to show you a clip from a past Summit in which I talk about what you need to be doing to inspire loyalty from your past clients, generate referrals, and grow your credibility in your marketplace.

Keep in mind that this year’s Summit is less than a week away, so make sure you watch this clip and then get your tickets today!

In this episode, I discuss…

0:00 – No referral fees / free to do

2:48 – Know, Like, and Trust on steroids

6:30 – Make your reviews count

8:22 – Video reviews

12:52 – 5 questions to ask

14:40 – 6% of your contacts

18:33 – The loss of Trust & Loyalty

23:42 – Trust is a two-way street

27:13 – 3 questions and 3 takeaways

32:04 – Don’t beg for business

35:47 – Making the phone calls

39:47 – Big Tech vs. You

41:52 – Pure energy

44:28 – Conquering fear