When you work in a relationship business like real estate, it’s critical to understand why you sometimes interpret something completely different than the next person…

Because your brain is constantly filtering all input through YOUR individual reference points.

Noted therapist John Jolliffe returns for part two of my interview on today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience. We cover this topic and more in this can’t-miss episode:

  • Why we all seek external validation – and what to do about it
  • Is your confidence hurting you or helping you? (Yes, it works both ways.)
  • The importance of looking inward to mend fractured relationships

And so much more!


In this episode, we discuss…

0:20 – Spiders and bugs aren’t the real problem

2:56 – Why your brain is like an outdated processor – and how to update it

5:40 – Overcoming a fear of making phone calls

7:48 – Do all people have the same amount of confidence?

11:55 – “Point to the way of the future”

14:56 – Why John never answers first questions

20:02 – The next evolution of the “a tree falls in the forest” question

24:55 – Probing questions to consider

30:22 – Where negative self-confidence comes from

31:34 – John’s misunderstood thoughts about love

33:35 – “Any crisis of love is a crisis of belonging”

34:40 – Mending fences starts by looking inward

38:55 – “A journey of a thousand miles” should ACTUALLY begin with THIS

42:32 – How to grow up, not just grow old