When you get out of your comfort zone, you’re basically under attack. Your body starts recoiling and the voice inside your head makes up a million reasons why you should retreat.

But here’s the thing… outside your comfort zone is where ALL growth happens.

So Michelle Poler figured out a way to get beyond her fears and into action.

And I’ve asked her to share her process with you.

Not only is Michelle my guest on today’s podcast, but she’s also one of our amazing keynote speakers at this year’s Success Summit!

She’s an author, a speaker and the founder of Hello Fears, and I’m so glad to bring her to you.

Catch this episode and then join us in Dallas or via Livestream at the Summit!


In this episode, we discuss…

1:20 – Who is Michelle Poler?

4:53 – Embarking on 100 days without fear

9:08 – “I always thought the next fear was the worst one”

11:14 – Michelle’s proven five-step process to conquer fears

13:10 – WTF am I doing?

16:36 – Michelle’s proudest achievement

17:19 – The key to genuine success on social

19:44 – Tackling one of her biggest fears: Motherhood!

21:54 – Figuring out what was missing in Michelle’s life