If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of an unfiltered conversation among two industry heavy hitters, today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience is for you.

I’m joined not only by Coastal Orange County Rockstar team leader Tim Smith of The Smith Group…

…but also investment property superstar-turned South Bay residential Rockstar Andy Dane Carter!

We cover a lot of ground, including:

  • Why these two joined forces
  • Their outlook for the future of real estate
  • How to get listings in today’s uber-competitive market
  • “The most weird and odd scenario” Andy recently experienced
  • Why Tim still sees more opportunity in the ultra-luxury market

I’ll also give you 6 steps to create a defensible position in today’s marketplace.

Don’t miss this one!


In this episode, we discuss…

1:07 – Why Andy decided to join forces with Tim

7:48 – The importance of a shared vision when teaming up

9:23 – “I have zero desire to be Tim Smith”

10:40 – How Tim learned and came to master his brilliant basics

11:58 – Why did Tim Smith get thrown out of a listing appointment?!?

17:17 – Stuck or scaling?

19:30 – How Andy went from 7 listing appointments last year to 29 so far this year

28:42 – Andy reveals his key to getting listings today

31:19 – Tim’s take on lowering his fees

43:55 – 6 steps to building a moat to protect your business from big tech

57:40 – I’m deeply concerned about this one thing…

58:15 – How every agent should be creating diversification

1:03:15 – Andy wishes he could go back to 2008 to do THIS

1:05:37 – Tim’s already a video pioneer; here’s what he wants to do next

1:13:10 – Closing thoughts from Andy and Tim