What’s stopping you from scaling your business in 2021?

I really want you to think about this question because I’m going ALL IN for today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience episode.

I’m asking you the 14 questions you NEED to answer to scale your business in 2021! Topics include branding, building trust, profits, savings, and more!

Businesses need to be examined, especially now in the current economic Darwinism that we’re living in. If you’re not stopping to look at what you’re doing and then pivoting to provide solutions, someone else is going to come in and take away your opportunity to build trust.

Let’s examine your business… listen to the questions and answer them as honestly as possible! Let’s go!

In this episode, we talk about…

0:20 – Most people stop doing the intentions they chose in the first weeks of the year

2:32 – Are you building your business out of bricks?

2:52 – It’s not too late to dig deep and go after your intentions

3:39 – THIS is the word of 2021 – are you doing it?

5:13 – Tom wants you to 2x the number of appointments you went to in 2020.  

5:55 – If you focus on getting more appointments and listings, you solve the problem in your market!

6:34 – What are you going to do to increase and scale your business?

7:11 – How are you removing the constraints so you can take more actions?

10:44 – What’s stopping you from scaling?

12:00 – Let’s examine your business!

13:30 – Let’s dig in! 

14:18 – Here’s question number two…

15:35 – Are you doing these actions?

19:40 – We’re going deep now!

20:18 – Let’s not forget about you

20:40 – I want you to be honest here…

21:40 – It’s all about evolving

22:32 – Adapting, adapting, adapting

23:25 – Manage your time, don’t let time manage you

25:07 – Let’s look back at 2020

27:49 – It’s about the work and how it’s opening doors for you now

30:22 – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, TRUST

33:49 – Let’s take some notes on your improvement…

35:30 – Don’t forget about your community

37:47 – Bonus question!


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