These Rockstar agents are driving revenue in difficult times!

To celebrate two years of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I had to invite my good friends and Rockstar agents, Eileen Rivera, Sr. Tom Ferry Coach from Long Beach, Lisa Doyle based outside of San Francisco, Treasure Davis from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Glennda Baker from Atlanta, and Deb Bly from Texas. 

These Rockstar ladies had 500 listing appointments collectively in 2020, and they reveal their own blueprint on how they’re killing it during this new market!

First of all, thank you for listening to every episode and I wanted to give you the best for our second year anniversary! These agents know their market, they study it, and they love serving their people. 

I highly recommend you take notes, because these ladies share helpful insights on how they’ve been delivering value to their customers during COVID and how they pivoted. 

It’s all about knowing your market, understanding who you’re communicating to, and how to secure those listings!

We’re giving you the roadmap to generating those listings, so don’t miss this episode to learn how!

In this episode we talk about…

6:45 – Treasure Davis shares COVID friendly events that connects with their past clients

7:56 – 90% of Deb Bly’s listing are repeat clients

10:35 – Glennda Baker shares why having knowledge will help you get listings!

11:56 – Lisa Doyle talks about the importance of being prepared and studying before going on a listing appointment

14:31 – Eileen Rivera talks about customizing your listing presentation to the individuals you’re going to present it to

13:58 – Treasure reminds you to not roleplay with your clients 

17:44 – If you’re a new agent, this is what you need to do

20:02 – Do you have a bag of tricks?

22:27 – Through your research and observation, people give you their dreams and fears and you have your roadmap

26:07 – You build trust with clients through your education 

29:38 – Listen to how these Rockstar agents go above and beyond to help their clients

41:35 – Tom and Eileen do a powerful and helpful roleplay session for you to model!

42:54 – Glennda shares a great example of how to communicate with clients when winning a listing 

44:08 – Eileen shares why she defends her clients’ financial health

45:55 – Treasure talks about how commissions are negotiable, but how she focuses on the net that her clients are going to take home

47:02 – “I control the marketing, exposure and how the home is presented. The market determines the value of the home.”

47:35 – Lisa Doyle provides a great “Redfin” objection handler

49:05 – Deb talks about appraisals and strategizing on how to look at offers

50:06 – Glennda shares how she prices homes and the strategy behind it

52:44 – Flowers can open opportunities!

54:44 – It’s all about the small details

56:11 – Glennda talks about what she does when she gets a listing

58:31 – Deb shares how her market gives her benefits to connect with clients

1:00:15 – Treasure shares her goal of being referred to one person

1:01:21 – Lisa shares a helpful tip to communicate with clients

1:04:40 – Get it done! 


Glennda Baker

Eileen Rivera

Lisa Doyle

Treasure Davis

Deb Bly