We’ve hit a big milestone!

The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience has released 100 episodes and you’ve been there since day one! 

I feel so grateful for your continued support and I can’t wait to see what the next 100 episodes brings us!

To celebrate this achievement, I wanted to offer you important insights on how to be a successful real estate agent this year. 

Joining me to provide these key strategies and actions is my brother and Rockstar agent Patrick Ferry, who shares what he has done to provide significant value to his clients and drive success in this current reality.

This episode is for agents who have been underperforming their potential and/or new agents who have no idea what next step to take. 

Have you been trying to do too many actions that really didn’t take you far in your business or did you choose one or two and become a master in these strategies? 

Patrick and I talk about those key “difference makers” in this episode and share with you what mistakes to avoid, how long you should invest your time and money on certain actions, and making sound decisions that will create repeatable and scalable results.

The goal is to make a living from these important strategies. Knowing your systems and being disciplined will make all the difference, and in this episode, we’re revealing it all. 

While you listen to this milestone episode, buckle up and choose one strategy that will take you to repeatable success in your business!

In this episode we talk about…

0:09 – Celebrating 100 episodes!

1:31 – Patrick Ferry shares what the new agents experience and how to help them this year

3:35 – Starting a business is hard 

6:14 – Most agents fail because they don’t attract clients -8:39 

9:16 – Tom shares valuable strategies for new agents who want to solve problems

10:40 – Patrick shares the value of being part of a team 

12:07 – The number one reason most people fail 

18:09 – Patrick gives an example of a young agent who made his problem-solving vision a reality 

20:02 – New agents have to solve their buyer’s problems 

23:53 – You have to go the extra mile for your clients!

28:50 – Patrick shares how to frame your story on why you started working in real estate

31:38 – It’s all about improving the quality of lifestyle of your clients 

33:20 – “You’re sitting on money that is not activated.”

35:35 – If you want to be in the game you have to spend at least 2 hours learning your market!

36:53 – How does an underperforming agent leverage their company resources? 

41:47 – Most agents fail because they don’t understand marketing and lead generation

53:20 – You have to know how to close and negotiate

1:01:35 – “Don’t explain your opinion of your lead source.”

1:05:15 – What is the schedule that will allow you enough time in this lead source that will give you results?

1:06:50 – Tools and service providers!

1:08:10 – How much money are you going to get from this lead source?

1:10:49 – Patrick gives you these fast steps you need to do now!


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