How are you dealing with our new reality and taking action?

For May 15th’s “This Week in Housing” I was joined by the team of Keeping Current Matters, the CEO and Chief Content Creator, Steve Harney and David Childers, Vice President of Content Marketing. 

It’s not the time for you to run towards the drama. For the past months we’ve been reminding you that with clear data, you will help your clients make the best decisions that fit their needs.

For this episode we talk about the latest stats on unemployment and the numbers on what the major financial institutes are predicting for the second half recovery.

We also go deep on the impact of the real estate showings in North America due to COVID-19 and share significant results! 

The time is now to build and cultivate your credibility in your marketplace because it’s going to last for the next 10 years. To help you with that I also share actionable tips and challenges so you can move forward in today’s reality! 

Listen now!

In this episode we talk about…

1:56 – Who do you know in the real estate industry who’s been stuck in their head?

3:24 – Are you running towards drama or data?

13:49 – Listen up! We’re releasing these episodes every other week so you can create your shows!

15:23 – David Childers shares clarifying not terrifying stats on unemployment 

27:01 – More people paid their rent in April than in March

28:50 – How two real estate leaders are “doing their part” to make a difference

30:52 – Why Steve wants to give you the worst-case scenario

31:26 – Be ready for the negative headlines to come out

33:37 – Projections made in the darkest of times are the darkest of projections

34:44 – After next month, every month is going to get better and better

36:15 – Recapping 2020 so far and predicting a second-half recovery

39:18 – What’s the “Nike Swoosh” recovery?

42:00 – Housing has historically led the country out of past recessions

43:35 – “We can’t wait for the cavalry. We are the cavalry.”

44:00 – The credibility you’re building in your marketplace is going to last for the next 10 years

45:12 – Proof that buyers are coming back into action

46:47 – Tom says it’s “Go time” for the next 5-6 months

47:45 – Zillow’s top economist sees sellers ready to re-enter the market

50:30 – If publicly traded real estate giants are jumping back in, what does that mean for you?

51:37 – “This is a call to action for everybody!”

53:20 – What Steve Harney would do if he was an agent right now

54:33 – A historical look at what happens to real estate when presidential elections are taking place

56:58 – Everything’s going to be okay, as long as you do THIS

58:38 – Tom’s actionable tips and challenge for everyone watching