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Leveraging In-Stream YouTube Ads for Generating Listings

I’ve heard agents say that in-stream YouTube ads sound intimidating. For whatever reason, agents get the idea that they’re costly, time-consuming, and complicated when they’re actually completely affordable, fun, and manageable.

But the best thing about in-stream YouTube ads is how effective they are at directly generating listings. Shane Burgman is back on this episode of This Week in Marketing! He’s talking with Jason Pantana about his dynamite strategy for using YouTube ads in combination with his geo farm to bring himself the status of a local listing celebrity.

If YouTube ads ever seem intimidating, Shane and Jason will make them very simple for you by breaking down all the steps for running successful campaigns. Watch or listen, right here.

In this episode, they discuss…

1:56 – Shane’s approach to geo farming

4:37 – High-level farming strategy

6:27 – Publishing the market update

9:45 – Client avatar

11:37 – Open Houses

14:53 – In-stream YouTube ads

17:54 – Details and content of ads

21:04 – Method to the money

27:17 – Calls to action

31:55 – Being the local celebrity