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The 7 Unwritten Rules of Real Estate Marketing

Did you know that there are rules of real estate marketing? By that, I mean there is a set of principles by which marketing works to achieve its intended effect, and if you understand and follow these principles, you’re almost certain to get what you want (more leads).

And if you don’t follow them? Well, I guess you could just call that experimenting.

In this episode of This Week in Marketing, Jason Pantana is going to shine a light on the seven unwritten rules of real estate marketing, because once you understand them, they’re a lot easier to follow.

And it’s important to keep in mind that these are the rules of REAL ESTATE marketing – not just any old type of marketing. They’re not quite the same. So, if you’re in this industry, this is a set of rules you should be living by.

In this episode, Jason discusses…

0:00 – The rules of real estate marketing

2:00 – What is the purpose of marketing?

5:00 – Three lead-generating offers

8:48 – Multichannel Magic

10:23 – No secret agents

12:48 – Metrics to pay attention to

15:42 – Relationships

18:00 – Social proof

20:40 – What do you sell?

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