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10 Steps to Success in Luxury Real Estate with Gary Gold

Gary Gold has sold some of the top, record-breaking luxury properties in Greater Los Angeles –The Playboy Mansion, The Hearst Estate, The Chartwell Estate, and more – and for good reason!

As you’ll see on today’s Luxury Code, Gary doesn’t just cross his fingers and hope he’s able to land these high-profile listings. He has a detailed 10-point system that he follows, and it sets him apart from the competition.

Would you like to know those 10 steps? Then listen to or watch today’s revelatory interview!


In this episode, we discuss…

1:40 – Step one: Sell what you have

4:30 – Preparation is crucial

6:30 – How Gary created books to demonstrate his marketing

10:17 – The genius of Tim Smith’s listing presentation

11:55 – Connection means more than statistics or track record

13:20 – Are you bringing the right demeanor to your presentation?

14:50 – The pitch that earned Gary the Playboy Mansion listing

17:20 – “Let me help you.”

20:00 – A total shift in Gary’s mindset

21:42 – Telling homeowners what they need to hear vs. want to hear (The reality about pricing)

24:04 – “When a seller is educated, they make better decisions.”

25:55 – Are you persistent enough to eventually click with a lead?