3 Proven Marketing Strategies For Growth – #TomFerryShow Episode 71

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The great Peter Drucker once said: “All business is innovation and marketing.

So the question is, does your marketing drive the success you deserve?

Whether you do all the marketing on your own or work with a team, it is one of the key components for the success of your business.

Here are some great ideas you can put into place to create a winning marketing plan.

Marketing Lead Generation Ideas

1. Market to Your Database

Send them weekly or monthly emails

Create or curate content

Send birthday, anniversary, and other cards as relationship management touch points.

2. Market to Your Geographic Farm

2-3 mailers per month

Social proof card (sold listings/transactions)

Open house listings

Just listed / just sold

3. Market on Social

Weekly show “How’s the market?” (Be the local expert)

Share articles from Keeping Current Matters

Share videos of your open houses and other community events

Post regularly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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Your Marketing Plan

  • Do you have a marketing plan that is in place?
  • Is it up front and visual where you can see it?
  • Does it answer “how much, of what, to who, and by when” every single month?

If you don’t have a marketing plan, you should start working on it today.

View a sample marketing plan here.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that though your marketing you’re empowering and informing your audience.

By doing this you are building trust and giving them the information they need to make good decisions.

Next Steps

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