On this #TomFerryShow, I’m answering agents’ questions!
Here in the blog, I’ll break down a few of my most useful answers.
Watch the show for the full experience, including my personal “absolute, non-negotiable goal.”
Let’s get started…

What’s the Best Way to Build a Listing Pipeline on Sweat Equity? [0:34]

Here are four low-cost action steps to list more homes!

  1. Focus your activity around recent sales. Piggyback on the market and knock on doors!
  2. Work those FSBOs – Make your calls, do your doorknocking. Three out of every 10 FSBOs are interested in hiring an agent. Go find them!
  3. Go after Expireds – Sellers overpricing properties gives you an opportunity. Master your scripts and “wow” the homeowner as soon as the listing expires.
  4. Always bring value to your database – Create unsolicited CMAs for every homeowner in your database by doing 3-4 per day. By doing so, you’ll deliver massive value and establish yourself as the knowledge broker in your marketplace.


How Do I Shed the Anxiety and Get Back on Track? [4:05]

Whenever you get sidetracked, it’s important not to wallow in it.
No one cares and throwing a pity party for yourself will only move you further away from your goals.
What is important is to ask yourself what you learned from it.
What is important is to get back into action.
Move your body!
Pick up the phone!
Check in with some past clients!
Do whatever it takes to get yourself moving and acting again.
This is easier said than done, but one way to force that action is to give others permission to hold you accountable to your standards. If you’re feeling stuck, those people will help you get back into action.