We’re already in Q3, which means it is the time to do your self-audit and ask:

  • What did I do that worked?
  • What didn’t work?
  • Is there anything I’m missing?
  • Am I making my calls?
  • How’s my social media?
  • Are my presentations as strong as they can be?

But here are three other questions I want you to ask:

  • HOW are other agents doing?
  • WHAT are the most successful agents doing?
  • What can I R&D (rip off and duplicate)?

Studying the market isn’t enough. We need to also be studying the marketer, because plays that work… well… they just work.

That’s why this week, I want to talk about your playbook, and specifically how next month’s Success Summit is going to change the playbooks of agents around the world. We’ve put together something truly one of a kind that will give you everything you need to make your business absolutely recession-proof.

Can’t make it to Dallas? Then attend via Livestream! But also, some of the ideas I’m about to share can be applied on your own, so keep on reading.


What Makes a Play?

You already know that a playbook is full of plays, but let’s describe what a “play” is…

A play is a specific technique you perform, step by step, for a specific purpose and with a specific result in mind. Did you notice the repeating word in that sentence?

A play is not something that you do haphazardly. Before you begin, you already know each and every step of the process from beginning to end. You could write it down on a piece of paper, give that paper to someone else, and they should be able to do it exactly the same way to get the same results.

To summarize… A play is: specific, repeatable, and proven. That’s why I always say, “Run plays that work.” And not just once. Run them again and again until they don’t work anymore.


How We Find the Repeatability of a Play

So, the more repeatable a play is, the stronger it is. Now, how do we find the most repeatable plays?

There is only one way – tracking and measuring. If no one is keeping score, it’s a kid’s game, not a sport. You want to be tracking:

  • Your GCI year-over-year
  • The new lead sources you introduced during each year
  • Your GCI and Volume directly attributable to each lead source
  • The amount of money invested in each lead source
  • Your ROI for every dollar spent
  • Every time you use a certain script and then updating its conversion percentage
  • The most common objections you receive

The most effective agents in our ecosystem, the ones who are making the most money, are the ones who carefully track and measure every aspect of their business.

Speaking of those top performing agents who wrote down their repeatable plays, let’s take a peek into what we have for you at Summit…


The Lead Generation Playbooks

As you probably know, Summit is our most epic event of the year. This is our Super Bowl, our Oscars, and this year we have something extra special to share with everyone.

90 of our coaching clients submitted their numbers along with super detailed blueprints for the plays they run across 14 different lead generation methods. From there, we conducted interviews, synthesized the data, and put together a set of playbooks with 15 different agent case studies that you can rip-off and duplicate to the letter.

To just name a few, we have the top plays for:

  • Database referrals
  • Instagram Reels
  • CMAs and Annual Equity Reviews
  • Open houses

This is the definitive guide of everything you need to generate more leads, generate more listings, win more listings, and make your business work more effortlessly for YOU.

And, because this is Summit we’re talking about, that’s just the beginning.


Panels for Every Aspect of Your Business

Beyond the case studies, we’re continuing to drill in hard on the details of game-making plays. We have panels with millionaire rookies, luxury agents, and the masters of conversion. And if it tells you anything, our keynote speaker, Phil Jones, even wrote a book called “Exactly What to Say.”

One of the speakers I’m most excited for is Carolyn Young. Just last year she went on 200 listing appointments BY HERSELF. She gives the same presentation every time, adjusting her script as needed, and this presentation nets her upwards of a 95% conversion rate.

I guess you could say that’s a repeatable play!

A big part of her success are the 70 laminated slides she brings with her and lays out on the table during every presentation. At Summit, you’ll not only get to see Carolyn’s entire signature listing presentation, but you’ll get a closeup look at all 70 of her slides, so you can make your own.


Coming Back to the Playbook

If you’re coming to Summit, I hope all this makes you as excited as I am. But if you can’t wait until then, there are still things you can do on your own to start strengthening your playbook, right now.

For starters, you need to get a lot more aggressive with your self-audit. Find the holes in your business and then look outside yourself for the plays that can fill in those holes. And where should you be looking? How about right here on this website! We put out a ton of free content covering everything you could possibly need.

To begin rewriting your playbook follow these steps:

  1. Write down everything you are doing to generate leads
  2. Write down the results you WANT to see from every lead source you’re working
  3. Now, write down your numbers as they are
  4. Go to your coach, the internet, or another agent, and look for better plays
  5. Write these new plays down in your playbook along with an action plan for when you’re going to implement them

Keep this in mind: Plays that Work = Specific + Repeatable + Proven

None of this works if you don’t follow through with it. You can have all the greatest knowledge in the world, but a play doesn’t do anything unless you play it. And I suggest that you do, because I know for a fact that the thousands of agents attending Summit will.

Competition is about to get even hotter, so make sure to get started today, and definitely think about getting your ticket to Summit now, while they’re still available.