What You Can Expect at Success Summit 2020

What You Can Expect at Success Summit 2020 photo
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If you’ve ever been to Success Summit before, you know it’s much more than a training event. We like to be loud, get our bodies moving, and have a lot of fun, too.

I look forward to those experiences all year long, as do many attendees.

We will get together… to jump (If you know, you know), and learn, and high-five, and dance… again.

But not for Summit 2020.

There’s simply no way to ensure the safety of attendees by mid-August in a world where COVID numbers are still rising every day in many locations.

And then layer this logistical nightmare on top… the giant ballroom that’s been home to Success Summit the last two years holds approximately 6,000 people. If we went ahead with the in-person event this year, they were going to limit us to having 700, maybe 800 people maximum in that cavernous room.

That’s not the “Summit energy” I know. That would just be… weird, right?

Even if we agreed to those limitations, there’s no way to fairly distribute tickets.

And yes, we considered moving Success Summit elsewhere, but where? COVID is a fluid situation that is still emerging in some places and returning to cities and states that previously seemed to have it under control.


How You Respond is More Important Than What Happens

So I’m with you…

I wish with all my heart that things would return to normal and we can all look forward to spending a few days together in Anaheim.

But that’s not our current reality.

Yet we must forge ahead.

So I reminded myself of this…

It’s not what happens that matters. It’s how you respond.

As soon as we made the decision to go 100% virtual for Success Summit 2020, I went all in on making it an absolute world-class virtual event.

Let me tell you a little bit about my plan…


Let’s Start at the Top: Your Mindset

There’s no doubt these are different, difficult times for many. So the first thing I did was started mapping out sessions on “How to create unstoppable levels of certainty and confidence” and “How to stay out of your head and in massive ‘right’ action.”

Let’s break that down…

Certainty and confidence have been elusive over the last few months, but I’m going to show you proven techniques to make them an everyday part of your life and business.

I’ll also share with you potent strategies to remain laser focused amid all the noise so you keep taking action… the right actions to achieve your personal and professional goals.


Which Brings Me To… This Year’s Theme!

The theme for this year’s Success Summit is Moving Your Business Forward… Powerfully!

To deliver on that promise, I’m going to give you 7 of the most effective marketing strategies to maintain trust with your database and scale trust with prospects in your market.

And because we all know appointments are the leading indicator of a healthy real estate business, I’m going to reveal a comprehensive marketing plan to generate an additional 7 to 10 listing appointments monthly.


Something Else I’m Incredibly Excited About…

If you’ve ever looked at a super-successful agent and wondered to yourself, “What’s her secret? How the heck does she do it?”… you will not want to miss Success Summit.


Because I’ve asked 15 Rockstar agents – I’m talking about people with $2 million to $11 million GCI – to each share their most important, repeatable and scalable $1 Million Dollar Business Building Strategy.

You know what that means for you?

You can learn in two days what it took others a decade or more to learn and refine. We’ll give you their whole strategy! All you have to do is choose which of the 15 options you like and run with them.


Let’s Look Into Your Future

Another Summit topic I can reveal now is designed to help you get ahead of the curve and position yourself for big success over the next two to three years.

I’ve identified five important trends you need to be aware of between 2020 and 2022, so you can take action now and lead the industry instead of following it.

I can’t wait to share them with you.

You in?


More Exciting News I Can’t Announce Quite Yet

I’m not going to disclose all our plans for Success Summit 2020 here today.

But I will tell you this: My Events team and all the behind-the-scenes tech people are fully committed to making this a topnotch, one-of-a-kind virtual event experience worthy of the Success Summit name. (In case you’re unaware, we’ve been running virtual events for a couple months now and getting great feedback, so it’s not like we’re new to this game.)

Also, we’re finalizing details on some very exciting keynote speakers we should be able to announce in the near future.

Oh, and one more note: Coaching members will get exclusive LIVE access to powerful breakout sessions… We’ll announce all the juicy topics as the event gets closer.


Two and a Half Days of Training. One Low Price.

With no travel involved, I want to make Success Summit 2020 as accessible as possible for people who are serious about their real estate business.

That’s why live, streaming access begins at just $99!

Or for a little bit more, you can “own” Success Summit 2020 – including all the breakout sessions – as an OnDemand video in perpetuity.

Check out all the details and the pricing structure on this page.

To accommodate all the changes and get all the right tech in place to ensure a premium experience, we’ve moved Success Summit to September 1-3.


Embracing Change & Going All In

In closing, let me remind you of this: Growth comes from getting out of your comfort zone.

For those who love Summit the way we do, we all wish we were doing it live again.

But we can’t.

I know my team will learn a ton by shaking things up and creating an all-new version of Success Summit for 2020.

The question now is this: Are you willing to step outside the norm and grow with us?

Learn more and reserve your spot here!

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