7 Tips to Break Into The High-End Market

1. Study Higher-End Agents. Look at what these agents are doing now. See how they present their brand and how do they market themselves. Review their websites, business cards and how they dress at events. If you can shadow them, even better!
2. Become An Expert. Know the number of listings, sales, pendings, expireds, fsbos, etc in your targeted market. Preview properties and work as many open houses in your targeted price point. Know what the people who are looking for homes in this price point are looking for. Seek out information about listings, property values, tax assessments, everything so that you become the knowledge broker for your market.
3. Know the Community. Learn about the schools, the country clubs, the fitness clubs, golf courses, riding stables, etc of the communities of price points you are interested in moving up to.
4. Dress and Act the Part. Upgrade yourself. Observe how your higher-end clients dress and act then emulate them. Eliminate slang and inappropriate words from your speech patterns. Attend events, eat at restaurants, and go to hot spots where your ideal clients would be. Remember, people love to work with people that are just like them.

Tom Ferry - OnDemand Summit 2021