I talk with a lot of successful agents on a regular basis.

And if I had to boil down what makes those people so successful, it’s not that they’re all insanely innovative and breaking new ground. It’s not that they figured out some marketing “hack” no one else knows. It’s not dumb luck.

It’s one simple, common trait – they’re doing the work.

It goes back to one of my favorite quotes: “Do the thing, have the power.” –Emerson

Having the discipline to take consistent action is really what separates the winners from the also-rans in this business.

When you think about it, there’s nothing difficult about picking up the phone and calling a few people. Right?

It’s easy to do… and also easy not to do. And that’s the danger.

So let’s fix that. Today I’m sharing three ways to overcome that resistance to making your calls so you can start booking more appointments… consistently!

The First Step: Get Prepared the Night Before

I’m sure you’ve had this happen…

You wake up with the best of intentions to make your calls.

But before you actually begin, something comes up. Or you “remember” a more urgent task you should be doing (which, in reality, is just an excuse). Or you simply avoid it because you don’t feel like it.

And over time, this failure to make your calls is absolutely killing your productivity. It undercuts your potential. It’s the biggest reason why agents ride that rich/poor rollercoaster and fail to create any predictability in their businesses.

This often happens because you didn’t prepare ahead of time.

A productive prospecting session begins the night before. You need to get everything prepared so there can be no distractions and no excuses to get started the next morning.

The night before, be sure to gain clarity on things like:

  • Who am I going to call?
  • What’s the outcome I want to achieve?
  • What scripts do I need to achieve those objectives?

Answer these three questions at the end of each day, get everything ready, and you’re much more likely to follow through on your appointment setting calls the next day.