Real Estate Email Marketing

Email is one of the easiest and most affordable tools to engage with prospective clients in the real estate industry. Not only is email inexpensive, but millions of people rely on it as an active form of communication. With most potential clients requiring a number of touches to keep you at the top of their mind as an expert, real estate email marketing can be a meaningful tool to achieve those ends.

What is Real Estate Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the process of crafting and delivering targeted messages with the underlying goal of selling a product or service. Real estate email marketing focuses on developing relationships with potential leads, people who may be in the market to buy or sell a property. In real estate, email marketing might educate a lead on the value of homes in their specific neighborhood, discuss the overall climate of the real estate market, or share that mortgage interest rates are at historic lows.

Real estate email marketing offers several key advantages compared to other forms of advertisement in the real estate industry. A successful campaign is not restricted to one form of media and encompasses several means of engagement — be it in-person meetings, a handwritten note, or a quick phone call to see how they’re doing. Real estate email marketing is a great tool that should be partnered with other methods to be truly successful in attracting clients.

Is Email Marketing Better Than Other Forms of Marketing?

Identifying what sets email marketing apart from others will allow you to capitalize on it.

Email Allows You to Reach Varied Parts of Your Audience Differently

If you had to send the same email to everyone in your database, you would have a difficult time determining your messaging. Some creative email real estate ideas could group your prospective clients into different groups: 

  • Buyers 
  • Sellers 
  • People who are currently renting 
  • Those in your direct sphere (personal friends and family) 
  • Those who have used you for previous resources
  • Potentially even divided groups of people based on location 

The key to successful messaging is in providing value to the recipient. If you send a market report to a specific subdivision, there would be incredible value in that.

Email Provides You the Opportunity to Directly Reach People

When you use other forms of marketing, you’re never quite sure who you’re going to reach. For example, doing internet ads online might seem like a lucrative way to reach more people — but you’ll never know exactly who you’re reaching. Putting an advertisement in the newspaper or creating a listing on Craigslist might seem like a great real estate email idea, but you’ll find your ads might not attract the most qualified leads.

Email campaigns grant you the ability to continuously reach out to the same people you’ve identified before. You’re more able to nurture a relationship, and with a firm understanding of your audience, you can adjust your messaging accordingly.

Real Estate Email Templates

Email templates are pre-written emails that can be easily tweaked so you can send the same consistent information, along with a personalized message, quickly.

Customizable templates are the key to a successful real estate email marketing campaign. Taking an email that lets people know that the market is moving, and there are great opportunities for sellers in their neighborhood is a great message. The key to that is making the message highlight their neighborhood.

You’ve probably seen emails or messaging that says, “Inventory is low! We need houses!” How does this appeal to an individual whose home is their largest financial investment? Be the successful agent who took a real estate email template and tailored it to speak to their needs and wants. We know that ‘what you say matters’!

Emails should be made to feel intimate and unique. We all have seen how our inbox can quickly feel with emails that we hit ‘delete’ on and pay no more attention. As a homeowner looking to sell or a potential buyer, what would attract you to take the time to read an email?

How to Create a Real Estate Email Template: 3 Easy Ideas

Creating a real estate email template is the best way to structure your marketing plan. You can have several campaigns going on at the same time to keep people engaged, and your message as relevant as possible.

Here are a few real estate email template ideas:

  • Template Idea #1 – Holiday Campaign: Set up a campaign that wishes everyone greetings on holidays. A quick ‘Happy Fourth of July’ or ‘Happy Holidays’ that pops up with engaging pictures can help remind people that you are there for their real estate needs. Additionally, it pairs really well with other campaigns.
  • Template Idea #2 – Raising Renters: If you have people in your database that are renting until the time is right to buy, a campaign that focuses on the benefits of buying versus renting could be game-changing. Each month highlights a different reason.
  • Template Idea #3 – Share Transaction Success: Share neighborhood successes where they’re relevant. If a home sold for over its listing price, it would be a great idea to do a neighborhood campaign letting people know about the success. It could inspire other properties to consider listing with you, seeking similar results.

Real Estate Lead Generation Tips for Email

There is an incredible amount of lead generation potential involved with email. Some real estate lead generation tips might focus on attracting new prospects. 

  • Tip #1: Share relevant neighborhood real estate market information.

Let’s say a house in a specific neighborhood sells for above the asking price. This gives you an opportunity to walk around the neighborhood and knock on doors. You can let neighbors know that there was a bidding war on a neighborhood house that resulted in so many offers, and a sale well over the asking price. 

You can then follow that visit up with an email to everyone in the area you met, letting them know you would love to talk with them in the future should they decide to list their home. If you made connections with specific people, send them customized emails that relate directly to the topics you discussed.

  • Tip #2: Use familiar images in your emails.

If you post pictures of houses they see regularly and would recognize, you create recognition that helps make you relevant and the first person they would refer to when they need a real estate expert.

Jump Start Your Email Campaign

Over 87% of agents that start their career in the real estate field aren’t around in 5 years. The market is incredibly competitive and weeds out those who do not have the perseverance and experience to see their hard work pay off.

Tom Ferry offers one-on-one coaching that can help you achieve the goals that you set when you came into the industry. If you’re struggling to find marketing campaigns that will work, our experienced team of coaches can help you create real estate email templates, essentially using their experience to master real estate email marketing. Learn more about our coaches and try a free consultation today!