Here’s three steps to get over your fear of the phone…

1. Focus on Being Positive.

It is hard to predict the outcome of every call, but chances are a few of them won’t quite get the result you had hoped for.
Try to find the bright side of any call and remember that getting a “no” today doesn’t mean “no” forever. It just means “not yet.”
Being positive also means you have a good attitude.
Have a big smile on your face when you make that call, and believe me it is something that will be felt through the phone.
The same thing goes for a bad attitude which will be an instant turn off to potential clients.

2. Know What You Are Going To Say In Advance.

Are you role playing and practicing your calls?
Like any good athlete knows, you can’t expect to show and perform your best if you haven’t practiced.
Find some fellow agents to role play with and be sure to go over objections you might face on a call.
Having rehearsed those scenarios will help boost your confidence, and will allow you to have answers ready.
When talking to potential clients the language you use is very important.
Make sure they know they are being heard by repeating back some the main ideas they are saying.
For example “It sounds like you are looking for a two story home in the $500k range near the downtown area.”
Then continue provide value by saying the type of solution you’ll provide.