Tips for Pursuing Expired Listings as Lead Generation

If you haven’t made expired listings a regular part of your lead generation, it’s worth asking why. Is it because you’re scared of getting rejected? Are you worried about letting them down? Maybe you just don’t know how to find expired real estate listings (gotcha right there).

No matter what the reason is, I’ll let you know that IT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Expireds are a critical part of any good lead generation strategy, especially if you’re still making a name for yourself in your area.

In this blog, I’m going to give you some tips to help you get more comfortable in approaching Expireds, so you can boost your business and reputation while helping the people who need it most. Let’s dive right in.


Expired Listing Tips and Tricks

Perception Shapes Reality

When we talk about lead generation or lead conversion, confidence is everything.

But what creates confidence? It’s having the certainty that you will do everything in your power to provide the best possible service to get the job done. It’s 100% within your control, and if you have confidence in yourself then they’d be right to have confidence in you as well.

Here’s the undeniable truth: Your beliefs dictate your reality. If you perceive yourself as an annoyance, chances are that’s exactly how you’ll be received. But if you truly believe you’re the top agent equipped to tackle the challenge of selling a home, that attitude will shine.


Have an Intention Going In

When you start calling, you can’t just hope for a conversation and leave it at that. Plus, if you miss them, you can’t count on them to call you back.

Set realistic goals, and make your mindset, “I’m going to talk to them because they need my services.” Believe in yourself and the fact that you need to help this person sell their home. Which means one thing: Follow up! And then follow up some more! Keep going until they list with you or another agent.


Just Make the Call

When a listing expires, you have a range of options: you can sit back and let another agent seize the opportunity, add them to your mailing list for weekly marketing emails, make a grand entrance at their doorstep to demonstrate your eagerness to sell their property, or simply pick up the phone and dial their number.

Many agents dread that phone call, but it’s actually the most effective approach. Feel free to try the other options, but if you’re going to make an effort, MAKE THE CALL!


Don’t Be a Spammy Stalker

Do you pick up the phone when an unknown number calls you? Most likely no. No one does. But do you listen to your voicemail when the unknown number leaves a message?

One of the questions agents ask most often is “If they don’t answer, should I leave a message?” The answer is a resounding YES! You’ve put in the effort to find Expired listings to go after, don’t be a stalker who hangs up every time. Spam callers do that. Nobody likes that.


Make the Most of Your Voicemails

Don’t waste time with a long-winded “just checking in” message that offers no solutions. Instead, reference things like Expired listing scripts to help leave a bold and concise message with your name, company, and phone number. Like this:

“I’ve identified the reasons why your home hasn’t sold yet. There are some gaps in your marketing. If you want to sell this property within the next 30 days, call me back as soon as possible.”


Dive Deep, Don’t Spread Thin

Put yourself in the shoes of a homeowner whose home failed to sell. At that point, what are you looking for? What qualities do you seek in your next agent?

You want someone who is relentless, assertive, and unyielding. That’s why, when pursuing Expireds, persistence truly pays off. Instead of calling 100 Expireds one time, call ten Expireds ten times each. It’s all about consistent follow-up. Show them your unwavering determination to seize the opportunity.


Learn the Art of Conversation

Never try to just “wing it” with Expireds. Like with Open Houses and door-knocking, real estate scripts work best if you learn them by heart. That means practicing it over and over and over until you’ve internalized it and know exactly which question to ask next, and that you can manage the situation if your conversation isn’t going to plan.

No matter which prospecting script you opt for, it’s crucial to avoid slipping into “presentation mode.” Instead, when the homeowner asks a question, use the opportunity to reply, “That’s exactly why we should connect. Can we find a quick five or ten minutes to meet up?”

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Use “The Ultimate Close”

Below are four lines you can use to nudge homeowners toward agreeing to a meeting:

“You can spare 5 or 10 minutes, can’t you?”

“There’s no harm in just talking, right?”

“It’s good to have options, isn’t it?”

“I promise I won’t ask you to sign anything.”


Leave No Listing Unclaimed

Above all else, this is the biggest thing I want you to take away from this… YOU DON’T GET TO COMPLAIN ABOUT INVENTORY WHEN THERE ARE LISTINGS OUT THERE EXPIRING. You just don’t. Whether it’s because they set the price too high or whatever other issue there is, it is your job to deal with it – and you should want to deal with it.

I hope these tips have been helpful. They’re simple, but they’re easy to forget when the time rolls around to actually make the calls. If you need any more help, check out this free guide to expired listings, and don’t forget to reach out if you ever need help.