Picture this… Let’s say I dropped in unannounced at your office to “shadow” you for a day.

As you go about your tasks, I ask you to explain to me what you’re doing, why you do it, and the exact, step-by-step process you use to complete it.

Could you do it? Or would you be scrambling and making things up as you go?

In essence, are you crystal clear when it comes to “This is how we do it…”?

Your answer is more important than you might think.


Here’s Why I Ask

At my recent BluePrint event, I talked about this concept in depth.

I’m talking about the importance of having systems, processes, and standard operating procedures in your business.


Because the less you have to think, the more you can focus all your energy on executing your plan.

And once you start growing your team, having systems in place becomes even more crucial. At that point, the more clearly spelled-out systems you have in place, the easier it becomes to delegate tasks and onboard new team members.

I urged all the BluePrint attendees who are building their teams to both hire and train to that concept of “how we do things here.”


Every Aspect of Your Business

Today’s blog isn’t designed to give you all the answers.

I just want to get you thinking.

Because you can put systems in place for virtually every aspect of your business:

  • Lead gen/marketing
  • Prospecting
  • Follow up/conversion
  • Servicing
  • Operations

And whatever else comes to mind.

The sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll see results – greater clarity of purpose, greater consistency, greater predictability, increased productivity, and ultimately, greater fulfillment from your work.


Working “On” Your Business

Here’s the thing… Creating these systems won’t happen overnight. It takes time. So if you’re seeing the value they’ll bring – especially over the long term – I strongly urge you to block out time on your calendar to work “on” your business by developing these SOPs.

It might be as simple as taking detailed notes while you do your normal processes.

Whatever you do, it’s time to stop winging it and start putting the structure in place that will create more consistency in your business.

Let me know your plan in the comments below.