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Here’s the thing … I know most of you can do so much more if you just got out of your own way.
That’s why I want to go back to the basics of how to make sure your marketing is always top notch.

4 Steps To Rapidly Improve Your Marketing

1. Follow the Natural Path
In the past you’d send out a mailer and people would call you.
It was basic Stimulus –> Response
Which is what you want, right?
But it’s not that simple today because of Google and reviews.
When you send out a mailer or doorknock or run a Facebook post or buy online leads the first thing people are going to do is … Google You!
So the new formula is Stimulus + Research –> Response
So make sure that your online reputation, website and reviews are all in order.
Because if they aren’t you’ll never get a response!
Is your social proof piece on your website and does it have reviews and testimonials from past clients/

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