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5 Luxury Real Estate Marketing Tactics That WORK

Luxury real estate marketing isn’t like any other type of marketing… Upping your price point requires changing your strategy. Every agent wants to know what it takes to break into and then dominate in luxury real estate. The obvious first step, I’d say, is luxury real estate marketing. Notice how I didn’t just say “marketing” […]

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Marketing Insights & Leadership Lessons from Luxury Presence

You’re about to get a rare look into the marketing insights and leadership lessons gleaned from one of the hottest companies coming up in real estate brand-building today – Luxury Presence. On this episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I’m talking with Luxury Presence CEO, Malte Kramer, a German former professional basketball player who […]

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The Best Social Media Content Marketing Strategy for Realtors

Jason Pantana always says that “Marketing without content is like a bow without arrows.” You need more content, better content, and content that shoots exactly where you aim and hits its mark every time. And this takes having a strong social media content marketing strategy. In this episode of This Week in Marketing, Jason is […]

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Top Real Estate Coaches on Marketing for Listings

The marketplace is changing… Selling a house today is a lot harder than it was yesterday, and on top of that there’s some news which has the potential to change our entire industry. If you ask me, or any of the top real estate coaches out there, now is the moment when you need to […]

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Exclusive Private Team Marketing Edge

Private Marketing Edge for Team Mastery & Legacy members – led by Jason Pantana!

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Critical Conversations in Real Estate Marketing Videos

The world is NOISEY right now. There’s a lot of different voices saying a lot of different things about the market, the economy, and beyond. So, when it comes to your real estate marketing videos, how do you know what conversation topics are going to cut through the noise, grab the right audience, and generate […]

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