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The ‘Cheat Code’ for Building Your Own Mega Team (Part 2 of 2)

Last week’s part one gave you a taste of DJ & Lindsey DellaSala’s amazing success over the last five years, going from 84 annual transactions to more than 2,600!

Today we wrap up this stimulating conversation by diving deep into:

  • Effective lead generation systems
  • The most important indicators DJ & Lindsey track and measure
  • How their coaching pays for itself
  • What it’s like working with a spouse – and mistakes to avoid

If you’re serious about building a mega team, there aren’t many better models than DJ and Lindsey. Watch this episode and use this info as your “cheat code” to success!


In this episode, we discuss…

0:50 – Let’s talk lead systems

3:25 – Past Client/SOI vs. general database

5:00 – How DJ and Lindsey use email

5:44 – Why Lindsey says, “If coaching isn’t free, you’re doing it wrong”

9:03 – Management systems: The tech they use

10:45 – Advanced agent performance data tracking solutions

14:03 – Why data tracking leads to more “coachable” moments

16:40 – Mistakes to avoid when working with your spouse

20:35 – Finding talent and giving people room to grow

23:20 – The accounting error that led to DJ owing Lindsey $50K

26:50 – What DJ & Lindsey have realized their business is really all about

28:45 – Closing thoughts; why real estate is a land of opportunity right now