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Win More Buyer Offers by Working Them from Every Angle

Things are TOUGH out there right now. When the demand is this high, your average buyer is likely going to lose the first five properties they set their heart on. What can we do to make our offers stand apart from the rest?

Helping me answer that question is one of the most productive agents in the entire industry, Doug Edrington. This week on Confidence & Conversion, Doug is going to offer you some advice on fostering trust, creating relationships with listing agents, and making each buyer offer a long-term victory, even if it doesn’t get accepted.

Watch or listen, then let me know what your thoughts are in the comments.

In this episode, we discuss…

1:26 – Know the average win to loss

2:32 – How to get someone to believe you

4:11 – Building relationships

6:05 – Out-of-market listing agents

7:00 – Tactically winning and strategically losing