Highlight #1: How to Get Off the Plateau

Doug made two important points here. First of all was making the decision to get off the plateau and take his business to the next level. After several years of achieving similar results, he challenged himself to do things differently.
The second part of that equation was actively seeking insight and answers that would help him make those necessary changes. In order to grow, you have to be willing to learn and you have to commit to it. You can’t simply hope it happens; you need to make it happen.
Challenge question for you: Is “seeking knowledge” built into your schedule? Are you making a conscious effort to expand your horizons or just taking it as it comes along?

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Highlight #2: Doug’s Secret to a Balanced Life

Doug was instilled with a tendency to “grind, grind, grind” from a young age. But he realized along the way that nothing but hard work doesn’t lead to the life he wanted. The secret to living a balanced life for Doug boils down to one word: Structure.
Challenge question: Do you have enough structure in your business to ensure your business is serving your life instead of dominating it?

Highlight #3: The Critical Difference Between Classroom, Practice and Performance

A fantastic concept Doug has stressed with his team and his coaching clients (Doug is also one of our coaches) is understanding the critical difference between classroom, practice and performance.
“Classroom” is when you’re putting yourself in learning mode, whether it’s attending an event, reading a book, watching YouTube videos… whatever.
“Practice” is when you’re taking what you’ve learned and integrating those skills into your personal toolbox. You need to continue practicing until you’ve mastered each skill.
“Performance” is showtime! It’s when you put the skills you’ve mastered into action with the outside “real” world… with clients!
All three are vital to your success.
Here’s the problem, though…
Many agents blur the lines between them.
The more you create a clear delineation between each of these important elements of your business, the more successfully you’ll grow your skills and your business.
Challenge question: Are you guilty of blurring those lines or sometimes skipping the “practice” step? Are you role playing enough?