The most important part of entrepreneurship is having the drive to finish what you start.

In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I had the opportunity to talk with my good friend Valentina Khan, Managing Director of Investors Philanthropic, an organization that brings the joy of giving to millions. 

Valentina shares the journey before starting her philanthropic work and studying law and the lessons learned throughout that time. Not many people are open to sharing their mistakes or to speak up when they make a mistake. In this episode, Valentina shares how she realized studying law was not for her, but still persevering to finish what she started!

Ultimately that journey filled with missteps helped her discover her passion for helping others. 

We talk all about how she started Investors Philanthropic, and she revealed scripts and tips on how to get people on board with your organization, and what it was like making those calls!

This conversation may not be about real estate, but Valentina shared so many great tips that you can apply to your business. After all, if you’re not making your calls, then you’re not making a sale. 

Valentina also shared how she navigates building a strong relationship with her family and focusing on growing Investors Philanthropic.

If you are looking for new ways to give back or know how to build a strong organization, then listen to today’s episode!

In this episode we talk about…

0:35 – Valentina Khan shares details from her difficult journey of studying law before starting Investors Philanthropic 

2:48 – Valentina talks about why she entered law school, learning to be humble, and being intentional about finishing 

5:44 – Listen to Valentina share how about being part of the tennis club industry helped her begin her philanthropic work 

8:15 – Valentina talks about how Investors Philanthropic started 

11:33 – Discover The Joy of Giving and how Valentina had to transition from doing a show to making her calls and prospecting!

14:43 – Valentina opens up about the journey of getting non-profits on board to be featured on The The Joy of Giving

15:56 – “I still made those phone calls.”

18:13 – Do you have the awareness that to build a strong non-profit or business, you need to be patient and finish what you start?

19:24 – Valentina shares her definition of success 

20:36 – Listen to Valentina’s biggest hurdles and how she overcame them 

23:19 – Failing is the biggest blessing and will teach you how to do it better the second time around

25:11 – Tom gives a quick coaching session to Valentina about her script! Listen and take notes!

28:16 – Valentina shares how she communicates a clear message to her prospects 

34:20 – Valentina reveals how she keeps it all together and focusing her time on her family and non-profit organization


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