Are you being the educator of your market and informing your clients of current conditions?

In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I have the opportunity of talking with Ivy Zelman, CEO of Zelman & Associates and a highly respected thought leader for housing and housing related industries, to talk about the current market.

Ivy provided an in-depth analysis of the pre-Covid market and the current migration patterns that the current millennial and boomer segments are making. She also provided valuable insights on how to communicate the latest data of forbearance to your clients.

We also covered who the pandemic winners and losers are and why you need to go all in on being the educator for housing. 

From looking into the current migration patterns that affect remote working to joining the big cities, Ivy and I went deep on all of these topics for you to take the data and lead. 

As always I took so many notes, that I know you’ll be prepared to be the trusted agent of your area once you’re done listening to this episode!

In this episode we talk about…

2:30 – Ivy Zelman shares about the pre-Covid market and the current moving pattern for millennial and boomer buyers

8:30 – Before COVID-19 6% of the population worked from home. Now the numbers have increased and employees are looking for flexibility and eyeing new places to move

12:10 – If you’re a broker, you have to get your clients to trade up today!

15:50 – We have our pandemic winners and pandemic losers. 

20:04 – This is what you need to do to inform your clients of the current market

26:34 – Ivy and Tom talk about the current data on forbearance 

34:25 – These are the current migration patterns 

38:50 – You have to be a better educator for your clients and know how to communicate this important data

40:57 – Will people return back to the office? Listen to find out


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