What is your relationship with your business and family?

In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, my dear friends and Rockstar team, Marti and Maxine Gellens shared all the secrets that have helped them succeed in the real estate industry and their family life. 

Marti and Maxine Gellens are a mother-daughter luxury real estate team in La Jolla, California. As one of the top-ranked teams of La Jolla and the nation, they shared vital advice on how to balance work and family.

They opened up about how they made their family business work, the changes they’ve experienced through the years, and how those lessons are now pushing them forward during this COVID-19 market.

They also shared helpful marketing tips, strategies, and hiring advice to grow and maintain your team. I highly recommend listening to today’s episode two or three times and take a couple of tips that will work for you or your team!

In this episode we talk about…

2:39: Marti Gellens shares how she loves living a balanced life and how she worked to achieve that

4:16 – Maxine Gellens shares what she loves about working in real estate for the past 45 years

6:09 – Marti opens up about making their family business work 

9:50 – Maxine talks about mental toughness during tough times and changes in the market 

11:48 – Listen to how Marti and Maxine invest their time in work and personal life 

15:58 – Discover how Maxine and Marti stay relevant in the ever-changing buyers and sellers world

19:25 – Maxine shares how coaching and the tools that it provides has helped them grow in their business

21:57 – “When I started, I was the fix-all, do it all.” 

25:48 – Marti and Maxine shares their golden advice for new agents 

32:18 – We talk about marketing and how direct mail works for the Gellens

33:38 – Marti shares how email marketing has been a great tool during COVID-19

35:26 – “During COVID, I learned a lesson that keeping in touch with clients is really important.”

38:10 – The Gellens share about their video marketing and how it has helped them be in front of new clients 

45:20 – Marti shares how it’s imperative to be on social media during this current time

47:13 – Listen up! Marti shares advice about the agent to agent networking 

53:26 – Marti talks about hiring mistakes and the lessons learned moving forward to grow their business

1:06:40 – “Enjoy your life with your real estate profession.” 

1:07:05 – “Know when you are at critical mass to take a step backward or forwards.” 


Maxine and Marti Gellens


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