You are the one that decides what your world is going to look like everyday.”

These powerful words from Lizzie Velásquez ring true to today’s environment and even though this specific interview was recorded before the Covid-19 pandemic, it also applies to your mindset no matter what’s going on! 

I was so honored to talk with motivational speaker, Lizzie Velásquez for today’s podcast episode. 

Lizzie was born with a rare congenital disease called Marfanoid-progeroid-lipodystrophy syndrome. Her condition has prevented her from accumulating body fat and gaining weight. During her teenage years she faced terrible cyber bullying, which inspired her to share her message to the world as a motivational speaker.

In this episode, Lizzie shares about loving the body she was born in, the challenges she has faced during her lifetime and how they’ve empowered her to speak to audiences around the globe, including in TEDx AustinWomen. 

Lizzie also opens up about being vulnerable, showing her authentic self, and having your eyes wide open for opportunities that aren’t very clear. 

We also talk about her latest book, Dare To Be Kind and how kindness is such a powerful force to impact people’s lives. 

Everyone can learn a thing or two from Lizzie’s inspiring story! Listen to today’s episode to discover how you can change your mindset and be more kind to others. 

In this episode we talk about…

1:57 – Lizzie Velásquez shares about her normal childhood and seeing genetic doctors

 7:30 – Lizzie talks about not wanting a “magic cure” and how she started loving herself 

 9:10 – Listen to Lizzie talk about how she got diagnosed in the middle of filming her documentary 

 13:57 – Lizzie opens up about learning to not close her feelings and being her vulnerable, authentic self

 17:48 – Discover how Lizzie’s three main pillars and sharing her story helped her overcome cyber bullying 

 20:58 – Find out how Lizzie appeared on the Today Show 

 25:14 – Lizzie shares how she had the opportunity to speak in TEDx and changed her topic in the last minute!

 32:14 – Listen to how Lizzie’s book, Dare to Be Kind made her discover the power of one person and how it can make impactful change

 38:10 – How are you looking at the world every single day?

 42:23 – “Just because opportunities aren’t knocking over and over doesn’t mean they’re aren’t there.”


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