Are you the type of person that doesn’t get up after making a mistake?

I share how making mistakes actually helped me grow throughout my business career in the 50th episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience. 

In honor of celebrating this wonderful podcasting journey, our Podcast Producer, Brenda Hernández Jaimes interviews me about my early business career. 

I share how I didn’t shy away from a leadership position when it was presented to me at a very young age and how I rose from my biggest business mistakes. 

We also talk about developing meaningful connections and the importance of always testing when it comes to your business and services. 

If you’ve been looking for ways to rise up from embarrassing missteps or craving a different perspective on how to approach your career, then listen to the episode!

P.S. Speaking of sharing business mistakes and rising above it, have you texted me on my new number yet? Send me a text, a photo, a video or whatever you want – and we’ll chat! 949-216-5466

In this episode we talk about…

1:50 – Tom shares how leadership showed up for the first time in his life

5:57 – Listen to Tom’s belief that life is a science project of making mistakes 

7:27 – Discover how Tom began to develop meaningful relationships at a very young age

10:35 – Are you afraid of screwing up? Tom shares how making mistakes is helpful to your growth

14:10 – Tom shares how getting his butt kicked and being passionate about business has helped him work with entrepreneurs 

16:05 – Find out how Tom leaned into growing in his father’s company 

21:17 – Tom shares one of his earliest mistakes in business

23:21 – Listen to how Tom rose from that mistake and the lessons learned 

25:03 – Has your pride suffered from your mistakes? Tom shares a helpful hack to GET OVER IT

28:11 – Tom shares a business blow he went through early in his career

35:37 – Discover the unintended consequence that resulted in Tom starting his own coaching company


Tom Ferry

Brenda Hernández Jaimes

Mike Vance

Jay Abraham

Orange Coast College 



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