Everyone wants to thrive during their Hour of Power. 

That moment is crucial for your business to succeed and the only way to reach that success is to make your calls so you can set appointments

On today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I walk you through some of my best tips on making successful calls and setting more appointments. 

I also share the lessons I learned during my phone sales career and how important it is to know your sales scripts during cold calling. 

Discover the easy-to-use hacks for setting appointments over the phone and how to position yourself to win. 

I also discuss the necessary sales skills you need and the importance of having the right mindset before and during your calls

Get ready to improve your appointment setting technique. While listening to today’s episode, I want to know what are the two or three strategies that you’re going to do more or less of in order to setting appointments over the phone. Start setting yourself up to succeed by listening to today’s episode!

In this episode we talk about…

1:14 – Sharing my experience of my first 3 years in phone sales

2:20 – Discover the lessons I learned during my cold calling career

4:19 – When you optimize your listening skill through your phone sales, you’ll help make a difference in someone 

5:05 – Know how your work environment impacts your effectiveness and implement these key exercises 

5:51 – “How will your life and business be different if you can generate a consistent number of great appointments with potential clients all the time?” 

9:10 – FYI! A bonus point on how to set appointments over the phone

10:00 – Making the case for having a team that motivates you to making more calls 

11:08 – “You have to set up your environment to be successful.”

12:51 – Your presentation should be “up and visual” which will help you deliver your sales scripts

13:44 – Learn why having your goals up on a visual board will drive you to book more appointments

15:02 – A visual tracker app will boost your appointment setting over the phone

16:05 – Find out why having a plant and listening to music will improve your sales skills training

17:37 – Let’s dig in! What’s your mindset towards using the phone? 

20:00 – If you had to book an appointment today… What source do you go after?

21:34 – Find out the hacks that can improve your appointment setting over the phone 

23:47 – Understand your client’s modality and take advantage of your multi-channel apps

26:55 – “People want to do business who are just like them.”

30:14 – Are you adjusting your sales scripts according to your clients? 

32:57 – Make your cold calling a FUN experience 

34:20 – An 80/10 schedule will help you book more appointments over the phone

34:47 – Boost your sales skills by memorizing your presentation so you can listen to your clients

38:30 – If you want to set an appointment, then you have to close! Learn how to book more appointments. 


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