What comes to mind when you think of heroic action? For me, it’s Levi Rodgers.

It’s not just the fact that he nearly died in combat while serving in the Green Berets. And it’s not just that he went from being a wounded veteran in a new city to running the largest real estate team it’s ever seen.

What makes Levi Rodgers a man of heroic action is not just one thing – it’s his lifetime dedication to acting on the largest scale possible to serve as many people as he can. In my book, that is the definition of a hero.

For this episode of the podcast, I’m sharing a clip from my recent Success Summit where Levi talks about his life of heroic action. It’s a story of discipline, battle, rising and falling from the highest levels only to rise again. By the end, I don’t see how you could not be inspired to find the hero inside yourself.

In this episode, Levi discusses…

0:00 – 30 seconds

6:42 – After the explosion

12:30 – Out of the spiral

17:28 – Growing the company

19:10 – A moment I’ll never forget


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