You don’t need to be a real estate agent to want to know how to save on taxes, invest in real estate, prepare for retirement, and better manage your money…

But if you are a real estate agent and want to know how to do all those things, then this very information-packed episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience is for you. I’m talking with tax attorney and investor Toby Mathis about how to save on taxes and much more, including:

  • The best business structure to file
  • The benefits of investing vs. saving
  • 1031 exchanges
  • Passive capital gains
  • Finding investment deals

This is an episode you’ll want to take notes on and then send to whoever does your taxes. When tax season rolls around, check in with that person to make sure they watched it and are able to check off everything on the list.

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In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – What are you doing with your money?

2:34 – 3 types of income tax

9:06 – Individuals vs. corporations

12:44 – Defined benefit plan for high earners

16:00 – Real estate for retirement (Buy/Borrow/Die)

19:18 – Passive capital gains

23:33 – How the wealthy save on taxes

26:04 – Finding deals

31:20 – Relationships in buying

36:53 – Toby’s YouTube ads

40:18 – Asset protection


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