This is a story about transformation, transition, and overcoming impossible odds. After barely surviving a Humvee explosion in Afghanistan, Levi Rodgers found himself burned, physically and mentally wounded, broke, unable to work, and in a city he’d never been to before. Today, Levi is the top real estate agent in San Antonio, TX, with a team of 240 agents selling close to 2,700 homes a year.

In this episode, I sat down with Levi to talk about his time as a Green Beret, the near-death experience that changed his life, and how he managed to grow such a massive team with no previous real estate experience or knowledge. We’re delving deep into the leadership strategies that worked for him, and how they can work for you tool.

Levi is living proof that no matter who you are or your position, you too can become the top real estate agent in your city. So, watch or listen to his incredible story, right here.

In this episode, we discuss…

2:00 – Levi’s military life

3:42 – When Levi nearly died

10:10 – Physical and mental recovery

13:18 – Transitioning into real estate

20:16 – Levi’s first hires

24:34 – Extreme growth

28:14 – COVID hiring strategy

30:05 – Levi’s team mentors

34:08 – Getting better conversion

40:06 – “30 Seconds”

41:44 – An everyday reminder

44:35 – Levi’s closing thoughts


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